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VDB Mission Statement

Vets Dig Beeps aims to harness the proven healing power of Outdoor Therapy through metal detecting. By engaging in this highly accessible method of enjoying the outdoors, veterans will find peace, focus, and mental clarity. Our fight is against veteran suicide, our mission is to live.

Hi, my name is Joshua Sipes. I was a 13B in the US Army for 8 years, serving two tours in Iraq and one in Afghanistan. I'm also a Disabled Veteran, 70% of which is PTSD. I learned of the healing powers of outdoor therapy with Salmon for Soldiers, with whom I volunteered for 5 years organizing free guided fishing trips for veterans from Oregon to Alaska. Now living in Texas, I aim to bring an even more accessible form of outdoor therapy to the veteran community, metal detecting. Thank you for supporting Vets Dig Beeps and the veteran community.

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